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Memorial created 01-24-2007 by
Wendy Graca
Douglas Owen Nunes
October 28 1950 - January 23 2007

On March 31, 2007, the family planted a tree in the front yard of Doug's lifelong home, to forever honor his memory. To stay true to his personality and spirit, we placed his urn on the front doorstep to watch over us (and laugh at and make fun of us) as we put our great gardening skills to the test. The day was beautiful and as you'll see in the following pictures, we worked hard. We had plenty of playful, fun moments, in the true Nunes Family style, but we also had our somber moments as well, as we remembered what we have lost. Now some of our earthly beloved Doug lies not only with his parents in the cemetary as he requested, but he will forever be a part of the home his father built which he loved so very much!

"Papa's" Tree- picture taken May 27, 2007
"Papa's" Tree-picture taken July 1, 2007
January 23. 2010
January 23, 2010

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