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Memorial created 01-24-2007 by
Wendy Graca
Douglas Owen Nunes
October 28 1950 - January 23 2007

The Nunes Family would like to extend their deepest gratitude to everyone who has shown them support during this very difficult time. Your gestures through cards, food, donations, and postings in the GuestBook on this website, have shown them how much you care and that they are not alone. Nothing can fill the void that they are feeling right now, but the loving support they have received from such wonderful friends and family has brought them solace and peace despite their loss. We sincerely appreciate the thoughts and prayers that have been conveyed to us in cards and/orf gifts from the following friends, family and organizations: Andy & Monica Saviolakis Craig & Renee' Scott Larry & Joanne Morrill Mike & Gail Sirrico Andy & Nancy Graca Linda Smith Jack & Dominga Mattos Adelaide Becket Heather Milane Stephanie & Mike Smith Sarah Early Bertha & Sonney Mattos Sonya & Russell Cox Joy Gomes & Family Michelle & Desirae' Barboza Chris & Dolores Consoletti friends & co-workers from Joey's work: Gail L, Gail S, Sherry, Phil, Paula, Debbie, Alice, Kathy, Meagan, John M, Lisa, Angie, Leo, Jim B, Barbara, John G, Laurel, Dot, Paul, Don, Gary, Pat C, Steve, Liz, Peter, Carlos, Serg, Jackie, Toniann, Denise, Sandy, Henry, Jamie, Dennis L, Steve V, Bob, Kevin, Lori, Rick S, Mary R, Ed A, Jim B, Dennis, Ron, Tom, John W friends & co-workers from Jason's work: Jamie, Dan, Dominique, Larry, Bob, Eddie, Shawn, Cesar, Josh T., M. Raymond, Tim, John L., Mark, Jon C., & Hoagie Sandra Graca & Pauline English Jennifer Troester Amanda Kramer Cheryl Fischer John Driscoll & Family Mary Morrill Dorothy Glassford Vikki Darisse Auntie Harriet Figueroa The Frenette Family The Enos Family Frank & Pattie Glassford Moe & Carol Steiblin Tanisha & Neville Armstrong Denis Murphy Cindy Correia Patricia Sylvia Ron Enos Dolores Cabral Julianna & Franny Leighton Bergquist Company Pixlee Richards Pioneers Margaret J Grassi Insurance Agency We'd like to give special thanks for the generosity of the following people who have given donations to the family: Mary (Auntie Bobbie) & Dennis Pelletier Jennifer Cote Kathryn Sousa Scott & Wendy Graca Sonya & Russell Cox Renee' & Craig Scott Joyce & Stephen Lombard Dale Monteiro & Yomara Jeff & Cecilia Alves Charles & Carol Joaquina Lombard Carol Reed Ron, Lori & Nick Enos Jan Cote Mary Morrill Andy & Nancy Graca Lolly Perry Theresa Cabral Michelle Kolacz Kathleen Uzmann Redmen Hall of Wareham


Our deepest gratitude to Doug's "Angel Staff" in the Brain Tumor Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: Dr. Eric Wong and Loretta Barron, N.P., and for the extra time given to the family by Dr. Julian Wu from Tufts-New England Medical Center as well as Dr. Henry Friedman from Duke University, for conferring with us and Dr. Wu on Doug's case, even when it was evident that nothing more could be done. We are truly grateful for the dedication and commitment you made to Doug and to all of your patients who depend on you so much. Hopefully you know just how much it is appreciated.


Another heartfelt thank you from the Nunes Family to the Church in the Pines Pastor Joel Knudsen for a beautiful and moving Memorial Service on Saturday, February 10th. We couldn't have chosen a better place or person to help honor our beloved Doug. We'd also like to thank everyone who came to the service and especially the following people for their help with either the set up, clean up, or food contributions for the gathering after the service: Sonya, Jennifer, Michelle K, Wendy, Lisa, Linda, Carol R, Leroy & Alice, Auntie Harriet, Dolores, Doreen, Cindy, Joaquina, Auntie Valerie, Auntie Lynn, Robyn & Paul Anesti, Peter F, Kim, Joanie & Julie


Last, but not least, a very special thank you to Paul McKay, President and Director of the Brain Tumor Action Network (BTAN.org). Not only does Doug's family appreciate the fact that you personally transported Doug's hat to Washington D.C. for this year's Hidden Under Our Hats Exhibit, but we are immeasurably grateful for the wonderful pictures of the event which you provided to us. We have proudly displayed those pictures on their own page of this website for all of Doug's family and friends to view and enjoy. Doug himself would have been touched deeply by the sentiment of the activities that took place that day.


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