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Memorial created 01-24-2007 by
Wendy Graca
Douglas Owen Nunes
October 28 1950 - January 23 2007

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02-12-2007 12:32 PM -- By: Stephanie Smith,  From: Fall River  

I can't begin to express my regret that I was not able to attend the memorial service for my uncle. My heart and constant prayers go out to my aunt Joey who has been through so much. I know my Lord will bless you continually, just call out to him daily for what strength you need to get by for that day, and God Will Bless You! I'm so glad you have so many memories to look back on, I know you will keep them close. To Doug, Jason and Matthew, I know you will take great comfort in the time you all personally shared with your dad as you begin to look back on specific events.(your dad's humor was one of a kind!!) No matter what life brings your way seek God's direction first and he won't steer you wrong. I love you guys, God Bless you all!! To his granddaughters, take great pride and comfort that your grandfather loved and cherished the both of you so! There's nothing in this world more important than the love expressed from a loved one. I know you will cherish your special memories. And to my Uncle Doug, I don't think I've ever quite met anyone like you, growing up around you when I moved back to Wareham at 15 I really got to know you. Your humor was one of a kind, but I always knew from a young age that that's how you expressed your feelings for those you cared about. (thank you for caring about me!!) Thank you for ALL the times I needed help with my car and other issues. I feel blessed and privileged to have known you. I'm so glad I had the chance to see you on those last couple of occasions. You are deeply loved, and sorely missed.

02-11-2007 4:28 PM -- By: Emma Walsh,  From:  

Dear Melanie & Michaelah, I am very sorry for your loss.He will be greatly missed forever.


02-09-2007 7:29 PM -- By: Shelley Barboza,  From: Brockton  

You will be missed by all.May you rest in peace.

02-09-2007 9:57 AM -- By: Scott Graca,  From: East Freetown, MA  

I was fortunate to know him and the special person he was. Caring. Humorous. Down to earth. These were just some of the things I've learned about him. He will be greatly missed. I'm sure he's watching over everyone...and playing a practical joke every now and again! My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.

02-08-2007 6:23 PM -- By: Ron Enos,  From: wareham  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. We love you Jason

02-08-2007 12:40 PM -- By: Patricia Sylvia,  From: Wareham  

Doug's mother and my mother Joaquina Mattos Lombard are sisters. Doug and I were born in the same year and month, and he never let me live down the fact I am 20 days older than he was. Doug and I worked together at Ouilok, so at break time or lunch time I would purposely try to get ahead of him out the door and tell him "Age before Beauty"! We had a lot of laughs working together with Billy Murdock and Ray Mattos, and I will never forget him. I think he really liked it when I called him Tony - I always thought he looked like Tony Orlando. Thank God he never tried to sing - that would have burst my bubble! I am happy to have had him as a cousin and friend, and wish his family many wonderful memories of Doug because he takes your love with him and leaves his love with all of you.

02-08-2007 11:20 AM -- By: Cindy Correia,  From: Wareham  

What a beautiful tribute to a great cousin. After reading the entire memorial and looking at pictures, it brought back to many memories. We truly have a great family and have a lot of great memories. I know my mother, Joaquina, misses Dougie a lot but knows that he is with his mother and brothers and is in a better place now. Dougie, you will be missed greatly and thanks for being a great cousin!!

02-07-2007 9:49 AM -- By: denis,  From: Hopewell Junction, NY  

Dear Nunes Family, My name is Denis Murphy. I picked up your site on Mary Katherine Conroy's website and felt compelled to write. You don't know me and I didn't know Doug, but what we have in common is my daughter Jaclyn, 12 y.o., has a brain tumor and is battling like Doug did. He is an inspiration for me and my family, I want you to know that. You have people praying and thinking about you. You mentioned Doug had a soft spot for children, he is an angel and he is looking down right now in a very warm comfortable place. God Bless the whole family, Denis, Lynda, Jaclyn and Taryn Murphy

02-06-2007 7:33 PM -- By: Frank& Pattie Glassford,  From: Spring Hill, Fl  

Wendy,Melanie & Michaelah We are so sorry for your loss Our thoughts and prayers are with you all

02-06-2007 2:39 PM -- By: Enos Family,  From: Wareham  

We are very sorry for the loss of your dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May happy memories bring you a measure of comfort and peace.

02-06-2007 10:57 AM -- By: Linda Smith,  From: Boston, MA  

Iíve known Doug and his family a short time but in that short time I was welcomed into a warm, loving and caring family. Doug is a wonderful person who IS greatly missed. I hope it is some comfort to know that he suffers no longer.

02-06-2007 9:53 AM -- By: Lisa Andrews,  From: Boston, MA  


I know that youíre not my real dad, but I always thought of you as one. Youíve been in my life all my life. Iíve learned so much from you, and when I heard that you were sick it was like a part of me was taken away. I know that youíre always going to be with me in my heart, humor and etc. And I just wanted to let you know that I kept my word by checking on everyone. I will always love and think of you. God bless

02-05-2007 9:16 PM -- By: Peter Frenette,  From: wareham  

To the Nunes family, we are so sorry for your loss. We know he will be greatly missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Peter, Jenn, Jacob, Justin

02-05-2007 6:10 PM -- By: Nick,Mary,Geno,  From: wareham,ma  

To Jason and his family, We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Nick,Mary, Geno and family

02-05-2007 3:38 PM -- By: Rebecca Figueroa,  From: Wareham  

To Joey and family, I know how much you will miss "Big" Doug (as he was known to our family) but take solace in knowing that he is watching over you and has joined other loved ones who made the way for him. Remember there is strength in numbers and you have a great deal of "numbers" in your family and friends who will help you through this extremely difficult period. Doug is, was and will always be remembered and loved by those who knew him. God Bless you and lean to Him for peace and understanding.

Love, Auntie Harriet

02-05-2007 11:56 AM -- By: Vikki Darisse,  From: Salem NH  

I've only met Doug a few times, at parties for Mel or Michaelah, but they were memorable. Our hearts go out to all who knew & loved him. Try to remember that he is now being rewarded in a pain-free peaceful paradise for all the love & happiness he shared during his short life. He excelled in this life & now deserves an eternity of laughs, fun, peace & comfort. Joey, Jason, Matthew, Doug, Wendy, Mel & Michaelah....Doug lives on in all of us. May your sorrow fade quickly and be replaced with many happy memories. Love, the Darisse Family

02-05-2007 8:50 AM -- By: Mary Morrill,  From: Stoughton  

I hope you are all well. My sympathies to all of you at this time of loss!

02-04-2007 7:19 PM -- By: MARY L. PELLETIER,  From: Plymouth. mass.  


02-04-2007 4:58 PM -- By: Dean and Cookie Roderick,  From: San Diego  

We will always be grateful for the laughs, the harassment, and the many memories, not to mention nephews and great nieces! :-) We love and miss you.

02-04-2007 11:53 AM -- By: Craig, Renee' & Brenden Scott,  From: Eastport, New York  

We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and always. What a beautiful Memorial. Love, The Scott Family

02-04-2007 6:16 AM -- By: Sandra Graca/Pauline English,  From: Westport, MA  

Our sympathy goes out to the Nunes family for the loss of your loved one. May the memories with Doug last a lifetime and comfort you in times of sadness. Remember he will always be with you.

02-03-2007 5:29 PM -- By: John Driscoll,  From: Wakefield, MA  

I never met Doug, but my family would like to extend our most heartfelt condolences. From everything I have read about him here, it sounds like he will be sorely missed.

02-03-2007 2:10 PM -- By: Cheryl Fischer,  From:  

I am so sorry to hear of Doug's death. It sounds like he was a wonderful person. My condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

02-03-2007 8:50 AM -- By: Amanda Kramer,  From: East Taunton  

Michaelah & Melanie, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Papa. He was a nice person and I know you loved him a lot.

Love, Amanda

02-02-2007 12:05 PM -- By: Jennifer Cote,  From: Raynham,MA  

I've known Doug and the Nunes family for over 11 years. He was such a kind and giving man. There was NOTHING he wouldn't do for his family. He had such a keen sense of humor. If he wasn't picking on you or joking with you, YOU were in big trouble! He'd always get me with a few good zingers. Whether he was telling me that my "boyfriend" (one of Doug's friends) was around, or that Wendy had to come over to "change my bandages" (when I had surgery)! To Joey, Doug, Jason, Mel, Kayla and Wendy, I am sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.

02-01-2007 8:02 PM -- By: Kathy Uzmann,  From: Bourne, MA  

To the entire Nunes Family & especially Doug, Joey, Jason, Melanie, Michaelah, & Wendy. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know what a special man big Doug was. I didn't know him as well as you did, but I do know how deeply he was loved by the way you all spoke of him & the way he was cared for throughout his sickness. I'm sure he's in his new home in Heaven now, teasing everyone, from old relatives that have passed before him, to new friends he's meeting. I hope you all find comfort in knowing he's at peace & that you've got so many great & happy memories to carry you through your lives. He touched everyone's lives in such a special way. That can never be forgotton.

02-01-2007 5:09 PM -- By: Melanie Nunes,  From: East Freetown MA  

I love you so much. Now that you're gone I don`t what to do. I know you will watch over your family, who loves you very much. I want you to know that I will miss you a lot. I will miss the way you used to tease me. I will have no one to fix anything for me. You were the best Gramps/grandfather ever! I will miss you! Love, Melanie

01-31-2007 9:41 PM -- By: Joey Nunes,  From: Wareham  

To the love of my life: I will miss everything we have done together. Loving YOU has made me a loving, caring woman. You will always be in my heart. EVERYTHING we have been through, I would not change a thing. It has made us more close and strong, but i will miss you so much. You were the other half to my loving soul. I will love you forever.

01-31-2007 6:16 PM -- By: Melissa Bennett,  From: New Bedford, MA  

I've known Big Doug during the five years I've been with his oldest son Douglas. He was definantly someone unique in his own way. He has always been so helpful, giving and was a loving dad, grandfather, husband, brother and friend. He will be greatly missed by so many. My only personal loss is that he will not be present at the wedding of his oldest son Doug and myself, but I know he will be there in spirit and that is a great gift in its own way. You will be missed but never forgotten. Until we meet again.

01-29-2007 8:43 PM -- By: Michaelah Nunes,  From: East Freetown MA  

Me and my papa always had fun times. Christmas was really fun until the second cancer. I was not happy to hear that he had cancer and we couldn't save him. I prayed for a miracle to happen to save my papa and that he would never get cancer again, but that miracle didn't happen. He was the best papa in the world! I will miss him! I love you Papa!


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